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December 14

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Nimwe Kafwa

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Hey there!

Welcome. My name is Mofya and this is my music site. The songs I write and perform are inspired by the belief that the ancient belongs with the new, and that everyone and everything is ultimately connected with threads that we often do not detect, going back to the dawn of time.

I write in three languages (English, Bemba and Swahili) and once I can speak another language well enough, I will try to write in that language too. Music, like language, is how the heart speaks.

I incorporate sounds that reflect my African heritage and my cross-cultural influences, so you will hear African sounds and grooves, some good old piano and guitar, and other stuff I find intriguing.

Creating music brings me joy. I hope you experience some of that joy while you're here. If you do, please do me the honor of sharing with others.

Peace (and joy!)


Photos by Bryon Malik, Artwork by Bupe. Check them out. These guys are amazing!